Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket Guide: Prices, Types, How To Buy

With Japan having fully reopened and a fantastic Japanese yen exchange rate, it’s a fantastic time to visit the Tokyo Disney Resort encompassing both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea! In this guide we’ll cover the different ticket types that are sold in Japan, what tickets cost, a few quirks unique to Tokyo Disney, and how to buy them online prior to your trip.

Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket Types & Prices

There are typically three ticket types to choose from at the Tokyo Disney Resort: 1-Day Passport, Weeknight Passport, and Early Evening Passport. An extra limited-time promotion ticket is sometimes available too at certain times of year.

Generally speaking, Tokyo Disney Resort tickets are only sold 2 months in advance. So for example, if you wish to purchase tickets for December 10th, look to buy them around October 10th. Prices are released about an extra month ahead.

Note that the situation continues to be fluid with regular changes since 2020, so this guide covers the current landscape as of Summer 2023.

1-Day Passport

Tokyo Disney Resort’s standard ticket option is the 1-Day Passport, allowing entrance to either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea for one day. These are the two different Disney theme parks found in Japan and you can pick between visiting either one! You cannot enter both parks with a single 1-Day Passport ticket.

With dynamic pricing at play that affects the cost of visiting depending on the day’s projected popularity, the price for a 1-Day Passport to either park currently ranges from 7,900 yen (~$75 USD) to 9,400 yen (~$90 USD). Starting on October 1st, the maximum price will increase to 10,400 yen (~$100 USD.

Multi-Day Tickets

Unfortunately, Tokyo Disney Resort generally does not sell multi-day tickets, having removed them as a standard ticket option after 2020. We hope they will return year-round and this article will be updated if they do. However, limited time multi-day tickets are sometimes sold, which will be listed below if currently available.

Weeknight & Early Evening Passports

A great option that Tokyo Disney Resort offers that you can’t find at Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney Resort is the Weeknight Passport or Early Evening Passport, which both allow discounted entry after a certain time in the day. We have grouped these into one category, but they’re technically two different tickets.

The Weeknight Passport allows for entrance into either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea after 5:00PM on all weekdays, with holiday weekdays excluded. It costs between 4,500 yen (~$32 USD) to 6,200 yen (~$44 USD), depending on the day’s popularity.

The Early Evening Passport allows for entrance into either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea after 3:00PM on Saturdays, Sundays, and official holidays. It costs between 6,500 yen (~$47 USD) to 8,700 yen (~$62 USD), depending on the day’s popularity.

I’ve visited on both of these passport types and found them to be a great value when arriving to the resort on your check-in day, allowing you to get a taste of Tokyo Disney without having to pay full price for a partial day. At Tokyo DisneySea, it’s a great way to see the new Believe! Sea of Dreams nightmare spectacular show without wasting time on another day, and the same goes for Tokyo Disneyland’s Electrical Parade Dreamlights!

Summer 2-Day Passport

As a limited time summer promotion, the Summer 2-Day Passport is currently available until August 28th, 2023. However, the pricing of this limited ticket represents quite minimal savings as it averages out to 8,650 yen per day — about the average price of a 1-Day Passport! The most savings can be earned when visiting on the most expensive dates, since the Summer 2-Day Passport is a fixed price.

That being said, if you’re used to purchasing multi-day tickets at other Disney resorts to reap savings, it’s worth mentioning that even buying a string of single day tickets in Japan is often cheaper than a multi-day ticket elsewhere — thanks to a combination of lower prices in general and the excellent Japanese Yen exchange rate.

What About Park Hopper Tickets?

There are currently no tickets that offer Park Hopping at Tokyo Disney Resort, meaning you can only visit one park per day with a single ticket. Even prior to the pandemic, the resort only offered a very limited version of Park Hopping on the 3rd and 4th days of a lengthy multi-day ticket. It was impossible to purchase Park Hopping abilities on a 1 or 2 day ticket, unless staying at an expensive official Tokyo Disney Resort hotel.

This can be a bit of a culture shock if you’re used to constantly park hopping at other Disney resorts around the world, but you get used to it quickly. Both parks typically maintain identical operating hours, unlike Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World, so there’s no need to park hop for that reason in Japan!

It can be a good introduction as well to the ‘rigidness’ of Japan at times. Things are different in Japan, and you often can’t ‘bend the rules’ the way you can at the American Disney theme parks. As an example, it’s generally best to abstain from asking to make substitutions or changes for meals as you’ll be met with great confusion.

I learned the hard way when I once asked for a seafood soup to be removed from a set meal — not even substituted, but just removed. This resulted in the cafeteria line being essentially paused in place for multiple minutes as the Cast Members tried to understand. Never again!!

How To Buy Tokyo Disney Resort Tickets Online

The Tokyo Disney Resort currently operates an entry system where tickets are purchased for specific dates, and a cap on visitors exists for each day to maintain reasonable crowds. Due to this factor, it’s highly recommended to purchase tickets for both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea prior to arriving at the park if possible.

Officially speaking, tickets are not actually sold anywhere on property with the ticket booths closed long ago. However, we’ve heard multiple reports that the Welcome Center can sometimes sell tickets, so check there if you’ve arrived unprepared.

As you would expect, the preferred place to purchase tickets online is the official Tokyo Disney Resort website located here. But unfortunately, the site has a bad reputation of struggling to process foreign credit cards from outside of Japan due to an overly aggressive fraud blick system. We’ve written an entire separate guide on the topic covering Tips For Buying Tokyo Disney Tickets Online With Foreign Credit Cards (Error 1-155)!

Outside of the official website if you can’t get it to work, we’d recommend third-party resellers such as Klook and KKDay:

Staying at an official Tokyo Disney Resort hotel can often help guarantee you tickets too. A last resort option to check out are local Japanese convenience stores when you’re already in the company.

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