Tips For Buying Tokyo Disney Tickets Online With Foreign Credit Cards (Error 1-155)

Many foreign visitors have had quite a difficult time lately since Japan’s reopening in 2022 with successfully purchasing Tokyo Disney Resort tickets from the official online website for both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea — and we’ve experienced the same on multiple occasions.

In this article, we’ll cover everything we’ve learned about successfully buying Tokyo Disney Resort tickets online as a international visitor with a foreign credit card to help you do the same and get past the errors.

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Why Doesn’t My Foreign Credit Card Work?

The most common reason behind the failure of foreign credit cards processing on the Tokyo Disney Resort website seems to be related to the 3D Secure authentication feature required by the resort for cards issued outside of Japan. For whatever reason, the website often struggles to properly interface with this feature on foreign credit cards.

Specifically, the official website’s Q&A offers the following information regarding 3D Secure:

So, a good first step is to call your bank and/or credit card processor and ensure that 3D Secure is properly set up on your account, as well as confirm they are not blocking any charges from Tokyo Disney Resort for fraud purposes.

However, beyond any issues with 3D Secure or bank-side fraud protections, it’s clear that the Tokyo Disney Resort website itself still has issues with processing many foreign credit cards even when everything is sorted on your end. We’ll cover in the next section what else you can do after confirming 3D Secure is working.

How To Fix Foreign Credit Cards For Tokyo Disney Resort Tickets

If you’ve having trouble and have come looking for help, our best three recommendations in order are to…

  • Try using a Mastercard type of credit card.
  • Call the official support desk with your error code.
  • Buy tickets from a third-party seller instead.

Try Using A Mastercard If You Can

While the Tokyo Disney Resort website officially supports payment from any of the following credit card brands…

  • JCB
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • AMEX (American Express)
  • Diners Club
  • UnionPay
  • Discover

it seems that Mastercard is the best credit card type to try buying Tokyo Disney Resort tickets online with, based on our combined personal experience and extensive guest reports online.

In the Fall of 2022, I personally tried more than 6 different credit cards from 6 different banks and only 1 of those credit cards successfully allowed me to purchase Tokyo Disney Resort tickets online. Notably, the card that worked for me was issued by Mastercard. A family member’s Mastercard worked as well.

Reports from other guests online have indicated the same in the United States and other countries where after repeated failed attempts with Visa or American Express, a Mastercard was the credit card that finally worked.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean a Visa or American Express can’t work, we’ve seen occasional successful reports too. But it seems clear that most guests have had a far higher success rate with Mastercard — possibly just due to banks issuing Mastercards having better 3D Secure setups.

So if you don’t have a Mastercard issued credit card, but a trusted family member or friend does, we’d highly recommend giving that a try as a potentially easy and trouble-free solution!

P.S: For any Canadians that it might help, I specifically have successfully purchased tickets on multiple occasions with the MBNA Alaska Airlines World Elite Mastercard and MBNA Rewards Platinum Plus Mastercard.

Call Tokyo Disney Resort To Unlock Your Account

However, if your Mastercard doesn’t work, or you don’t have a Mastercard to try, the next step is to try calling the Tokyo Disney Resort’s support line and ask for assistance directly from the company.

In Spring 2023, after repeated failed attempts even using a Mastercard, I tried this route to solve my payment problems and was ultimately able to successfully purchase park tickets using a VISA credit card as outlined below.

How To Call Tokyo Disney Resort

You can reach the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservations/Purchasing Support Desk at 0570-00-1928 or +81-45-330-9697 from 10AM to 3PM Japan Time every day of the week. Alternatively, that’s 6PM to 11PM Pacific Daylight Time.

Even when calling within these limited hours though, you may encounter issues connecting as the phone line seems to handle very few customers connected at a time. When you eventually make it through, the automated system will eventually instruct you to dial 9 1 for English support after a long Japanese message. Again, it may take you many repeated attempts to properly connect — just check out my Skype log below!

After waiting on hold, you will eventually be connected with a customer service agent. Don’t worry about your Japanese speaking ability as an excellent English-Japanese translator will be connected into your call to act as an interpreter and help solve your issue!

I explained that I was having difficulties purchasing park tickets online and provided the error code ‘1-155’ I had received from the website. With this information, the Tokyo Disney Resort customer service agent got to work on seeing how she could help me.

However, it’s worth noting that when I previously quoted error codes ‘1-313’ (all American Express cards produced this error) and ‘1-129’, I was informed that the issue remained with my bank. It was only when mentioning error code ‘1-155’ that the agent suggested that she may be able to resolve my problem. So if you’re running into error code ‘1-155’, it’s a pretty safe bet that calling the support line will resolve your issue.

In order to unlock my account and allow for the ticket transaction to complete, I was asked to provide the following information, so have it handy when you call:

  • My Disney Account’s first name, last name, and phone number.
  • The ticket type, park, date, and number of adults/children I am purchasing.
  • Ensure all address lines on Disney Account are complete. I was missing my city on Line 2 and asked to fix this before they could proceed.

After providing all of the information above, I was informed that security measures on my account would be relaxed for approximately 2 days — or until midnight Japan Time 2 days later!

I successfully purchased a Weeknight Passport ticket using a VISA credit card immediately afterwards without any issue, though the 3D Secure authentication did trigger as discussed earlier. For Canadians, the credit card was specifically the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite.

Buying Tickets From Third Party Vendors (Klook or KKDay)

If all else fails on the official Tokyo Disney Resort website, it’s worth checking out some third-party ticket vendor options with the most notable options being Klook and KKDay. These providers are notably even advertised by Tokyo Disney Resort as of early 2023 on the purchase error screen, so you can be assured of their legitimacy — not to mention the resort’s subtle acknowledgement of their payment system’s faults.

Unfortunately, only the regular 1-Day Passport ticket for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea is available from third party sellers such as Klook and KKDay. This means the only way to purchase the Weeknight Passport or Early Evening Passport tickets for discounted evening access is through the official Tokyo Disney Resort website.

Buying Tickets From Official Tokyo Disney Hotels

If you’re staying at an official Tokyo Disney Resort hotel, you may be able to purchase park tickets in-person from the hotel directly without any need to fiddle with the online website or third-party sellers! Specifically, the following Disney Hotels all offer park tickets hassle-free without any conditions as of May 2023:

  • Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
  • Disney Ambassador Hotel
  • Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel
  • Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel

When it comes to the major two Western hotel chains that are official Tokyo Disney Resort hotels, both the Hilton Tokyo Bay and Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay sell park tickets — but only under certain conditions as of May 2023.

The Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay allows for Tokyo Disney Resort park tickets to be purchased when you have either reserved a specific room rate plan called ‘Tokyo Disney Resort Day Pass Offer’, or if you have completed their Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket Request Form located here. The form must be completed at least 6 days prior to your stay, subject to availability.

The Hilton Tokyo Bay only allows for Tokyo Disney Resort park tickets to be purchased when you have reserved a specific room rate plan called ‘Right To Buy’ for the corresponding desired park.

Please note that this is a fluid situation and has been changing over the course of the past couple years, so we recommend checking directly with your hotel to confirm the current state of affairs.

Buying In-Person At The Park or Convenience Stores

As for simply purchasing your park tickets in-person at the Tokyo Disney Resort on your day of travel, this option remains a mixed bag as of May 2023.

The official website is clear that Tokyo Disney Resort ticket booths are closed and tickets must be purchased online. However, there have been scattered reports online recently that some guests were able to purchase tickets in-person at the Resort Welcome Center.

Given that there is no confirmation of this option published on the official website, it should be treated as an unconfirmed last resort option, not something to count on. Get your tickets ahead of time if at all possible!

Another option is park tickets are often available for purchase at Japanese convenience stores, such as 7-Eleven and FamilyMart. However, just like the online third-party sellers, these stores typically only sell the standard 1-Day Passport and are unhelpful for securing the Weeknight Passport or Early Evening Passport.

Learn more about Tokyo Disney Resort ticket types and prices in our complete guide here!

Share Your Experience

Have you recently had success purchasing Tokyo Disney Resort tickets online from the official website? Let us know in the comments below your story, including what type of credit card you used or your experience calling the support desk if required, to help out others who stumble upon this article!

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  1. It’s worked. I’d called them the next day, because of the time zone. They were super nice, and they also have a Spanish translator. It’s about blocking the transaction because fear of fraud. But after giving all the information, the allow me to pay the tickets, but just for 2 days. I did it before finishing the call, and it was fine. Many thanks

  2. Thank you for posting this incredibly helpful info! Following your advice, I called the Disney customer service and was able to buy the tickets online successfully after they temporarily lowered the security level on the account.

    Additional info: at the convenience stores and JTB travel agencies they have very limited amount of tickets, so you have to buy them well ahead of time, and you can not change the dates on the tickets after purchasing.

  3. Had multiple credit card failures similar to those described here. Importantly, I found that both my Visa and Mastercards would fail to process payment.

    Ultimately bought ticket through Klook. The purchase went through almost immediately. Klook provided QR codes for each ticket that I could then scan into the official Disneyland Tokyo app.

    As a bonus, Klook offered a 5% discount if this was the first purchase I made through their app (it was), so I saved ~$10.

  4. Hi, if I can’t buy tickets from the disney app, because my card was rejected, does this mean that I will not be able to buy disney premier access? (I bought tickets with Klook app)


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